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The Art of Reshaping Teeth Through Contouring

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Evan
The Art of Reshaping Teeth Through ContouringThough it may be tough to grasp, no one is born perfect. By pure reasoning, then, our teeth being perfect in nature is an impossibility. Realistically, we are all human and experience life that wears our teeth. As a result, our teeth can incur chipping, or the very organization of our teeth can have us less than satisfied with our smiles. That is where contouring comes into play.

Contouring, the Reshaping of Teeth

The first phase to appreciating the art that is the contouring of the tooth is understanding why it exists. The very origin of the procedure is to improve the overall layout and appearance of teeth. Teeth incur damage and require repair. Likewise, sometimes our smiles can undergo cosmetic improvement, and it is just as valid. Contouring sculpts teeth to a more brilliant perfection in your smile.

The process itself involves a drill. Thankfully, for those who already dread the dentist, this is actually a fairly painless venture. The drill is subtle and no anesthetics or sedation is necessary. During this process, we will carefully wear the teeth down and shape them accordingly. We will also reduce the appearance of any visible chips and relieve any possible overcrowding in your mouth. Grinding teeth or bruxism can damage teeth, but contouring can combat the damage incurred.

Bonding is the process of adding tooth-colored material to improve the shape and structure of a tooth. Contouring goes hand in hand with dental bonding, as teeth often need to undergo reshaping following a procedure that wears them down. Paired with bonding, the sculpting of teeth truly blends a science with an art for cosmetic and dental harmony.

While some tooth sensitivity may arise afterward following the initial procedure, it is temporary. What remains is a bright smile that changes lives and elevates confidence. Contact us for more information about the benefits available to you via dental contouring.

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