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Dental Bonding in Austin, TX

Close up of smiling teeth from Dr. Emily Zaramella, DDS in Austin, TXTeeth bonding, also known as dental bonding, is a cosmetic procedure involving the use of resin and light to fix any damaged, chipped, and stained teeth. It is a cheap and convenient procedure that does not require multiple visits to the dentist.

There are several other reasons why one might want to get dental bonding. If you believe you make a perfect candidate for dental bonding, then visit Dr. Emily Zaramella, DDS, we have qualified dentists that can assist you.

Bonding Procedure

Dental bonding is one of the most inexpensive and most straightforward dental cosmetic procedures which requires no initial consultation. As dental bonding is an in-and-out procedure, the treatment occurs on the same day as you visit us. Since bonding is a painless procedure, you will not require anesthesia.

First, our dentist will use a shade guide to choose the resin that matches closely to your teeths natural shade. This allows the resin to blend in seamlessly without standing out. The next step involves preparing the teeth for the application of resin. In this step, the surface of the enamel is abraded to allow better adherence of the resin.

Next, the cement-like resin is placed over the teeth and molded to shape. Following this, a special light, either ultraviolet or laser, is used to cure and harden the resin. Once set, our dentists will then shape the resin as needed and polish the surface for finishing touches.

Who Can Get Bonding Done?

Bonding can be received by individuals who have cracked, chipped, discolored, and decaying teeth. Resin makes an excellent alternative for a traditional amalgam filling, which is why it is popularly used in teeth fillings. Another widespread use of bonding is in shaping and filling gaps between teeth. Individuals with large tooth gaps or small teeth often use bonding as an alternative to getting veneers and crowns since it is both cheap and requires minimal removal of enamel.

Making Bonding Last Longer

Everyone wishes to make their dental procedures last for a long time. However, to achieve this, you must follow the guidelines advised to you by our dentist. Typically, dental bonding lasts anywhere between four and eight years. However, this period varies according to the area covered with resin as well as your lifestyle habits.

The most common advice immediately post-procedure includes avoiding consumption of anything that can stain your resin, since during the first 48 hours any food consumed can have a significant effect on the color of the bonding.

Besides that, our dentist also advises against frequent consumption of wine, tea, coffee, and any hard food as it can damage the bonding. Bonding needs to be replaced or repaired as soon as you feel sharp edges that may cut the inside of your mouth. If you experience this, visit our dentist, and you will be guided accordingly.

Bonding yields the best results and lasts longer in individuals who suffer minor injuries. For significant injuries to your teeth, you will require getting an alternative service. If you still are not sure what type of treatment you should get, book an appointment with us today by calling us at 737-273-3303 or visit Dr. Emily Zaramella, DDS. A qualified representative will guide through any questions you may have.

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Dental Bonding yields the best results & lasts longer in individuals who suffer minor injuries. To learn more, call our Austin, TX office today!
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