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Tooth Extraction Austin TX

Young man smiling and sitting in a dental chair following tooth extraction procedure from Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS in Austin, TXWith age, dental extractions can sometimes become necessary. There are several reasons why you would require an extraction. You could be suffering from tooth decay, damage, or some serious injury to the gums. The goal of the extraction is to prevent the damage from spreading to healthy teeth or gums.

Gums can become naturally unhealthy. Therefore, our dentists recommend dental extractions as they are safe and feasible. However, not all dental extractions are recommended due to damage or infection. We sometimes recommend our clients get the procedure to remove their wisdom teeth. This prevents overcrowding or pain. You may visit our office Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS to get your teeth checked for extractions. Following are several other reasons why our dentists would recommend dental extractions:


Decaying teeth can spread their problem from one tooth to the next. The problem can extend as far as the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth and result in infection. This can lead to bacterial build-up, causing an infection. Usually, the infections spread to the gums leading to serious diseases. Therefore, the extraction of an infected tooth is recommended to prevent the worsening of the condition.

Gum Disease

Sometimes the bones and tissues supporting the teeth can get infected. Infected gums slowly lose their ability to hold the teeth. You may also experience pain from chewing or biting down. This is when dental extractions are recommended.

Types of Extraction

Dental extraction and surgical extraction are the two types of extractions that our dentists might recommend. This will depend on the type of infection or damage that may have occurred.

A simple dental extraction is done by using dental tools to pull out your tooth. It is normally performed on visible teeth that are easily accessible. Our dentist use anesthesia to lower the discomfort during the procedure. Surgical extractions are performed when the damaged tooth is not easily accessible. Our dentist will make an incision on the connective tissue to remove the tooth.

Pre-extraction Procedure

Before scheduling extractions, our dentists will take an x-ray of your tooth. We will take a medical history to make a note of all the medications that you might be taking. Our dentists would like to ensure that your overall condition is stable before undertaking the extraction procedure.

Post Extraction Measures

Once you have gone through the procedure, our dentists will recommend some pointers to keep in mind to help complete and painless healing. First of all, we highly suggest not smoking as that can prevent the healing of the tissue and cause dryness in the sockets. Secondly, do not drink from a straw as the suction can disrupt the healing of the wound. Next, avoid using a toothbrush close to the extracted tooth’s gum. Instead, rinse your mouth for cleaning. Munch on soft food and avoid chewy or hard foods. Lastly, our dentists will prescribe an anti-inflammatory so that pain and swelling can be reduced.


Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS has quality extraction procedures. Our dentists allow an open environment for communication, giving you enough space to have autonomy on the desired procedure. Call us at 737-273-3303 to book an appointment for a dental extraction.

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